Non-essential shops to reopen on the 12th April 2021, how does that make you feel? Is that a yah! or a nah? Are you desperate to get back to your favourite retail stores or are you now happier shopping online?

I personally can’t wait for the stores to open again. It’s funny people always presume us Personal Stylists are always shopping in store, if not shopping for others then definitely for ourselves. Truth is we’re not, or at least I’m not. I hate waiting in queues to try clothes on, then queuing again to pay – no thank you! I’ve always preferred shopping online in the comfort of my own home and because I know exactly what suits my shape and colouring, shopping online is totally stress free!

No, I don’t buy instore but I do love going to the stores. I’m in the stores simply because I love the buzz of it! Going into Selfridges or Harrods, browsing collections, touching the fabrics whilst bopping to the music fills me with joy. And let’s not forget the excitement of trying on latest shoe collections and lipstick colours in the make-up counters – what’s not to love?

As you’re reading this, you’re either in total agreement with me or it’s filling you with dread!
Since the announcement earlier this week of lockdown being lifted, a few clients have called saying as much as they’re happy lockdown is slowly coming to an end, they are dreading get dressed for it! They’ve lived in their leggings for nearly a year now, their body shapes have changed, they’re in need of new clothes but going to the shops unsupervised is giving them with anxiety.

If this sounds familiar, stress not, this is what us personal stylists are here for. We take any frustration and angst away from you and make shopping instore a breeze! As I say to all my client’s, we at Style ME follow a 3-step process to style you to perfection:

  • 1. Colour Analysis (To see what colour’s suit your complexion).
  • 2. Wardrobe Styling (To advise on what clothes flatter your existing body shape).
  • 3. Personal Shopping (To buy you any missing items for your Capsule Wardrobe).

Once we know your shape, colouring, lifestyle, budget, preferences etc we educate you on exactly what suits you and explain why, so that you too will eventually love being in the stores like we do! But, If you really don’t want to come to stores with us, we of course offer a Shop and Deliver Service or can shop for you ‘Virtually’.

But seeing as we’ve been locked up indoors for so long now, I’d insist we hit the shops together that way we can at least grab a coffee or a glass of wine (outdoors of course) to celebrate your new purchases and your new post lockdown look!

Don’t Stress, enquire about our packages now!