Absolutely! Unlike us lovely ladies that have make-up, hair dye and the best support underwear available to us men don’t, what you see is what you get! That’s why their choice of clothes means so much more.

From experience I can say women generally want to feel more attractive but a man especially as his bank balance increases worries less if he’s attractive but instead wants to look and feel more distinguished and powerful. A man will hire a personal stylist if he feels it will aid him in his goal of getting that new job or promotion or even that hot new girlfriend. Unlike so many women I meet men don’t question the pricing of either my services or even the price of the clothes whilst we’re doing the shop, if we like it, we buy it’s as simple as that.

With every man I style I insist we do his colours first. If I’m going to help him buy that new suit, that new leather jacket or coat I want to absolutely be sure that it’s in his most flattering colour. When he’s working late in the office the wrong coloured shirts will simply drain him but the right colour be it in his right white or the right shade of pastels will make all the difference.

Image Consultants made a killing from corporations doing colour analysis on client facing male executives; they had to look their best and most confident in order to win the deal. Nowadays there are less image consultants out there but more of us personal stylists that not only help men win the deal in their professional life but in their personal life too.

What always makes me laugh when I do a wardrobe styling session with a man is just how unaware he is to create a smart casual wardrobe. He can be super proud of his work wardrobe, everything is sharply pressed and well organized, his ultra casual wardrobe is generally full but when I ask a simple question like “right, tell me what you would wear tonight if you were taking your wife/girlfriend out to dinner somewhere nice” and that is when he looks at me with sheer panic because ‘smart casual’ just isn’t on his radar.

Building a man a Foundation wardrobe – (a female version of a capsule wardrobe) is what me and all my style me stylists have been trained to do. We buy a man some key pieces that he can dress up or down with a change of shoes, accessories and outerwear. So if he is investing in a great crisp white shirt he should be able to wear to the office under his suit but in the weekend he just unbuttons the top buttons, rolls up the sleeves and combines with jeans and blazer for a night out or with a pair of jeans and knitwear for Sunday lunch in the pub. As a result he ends up needing less clothes, takes up less space in the wardrobe, which in the long run saves him time and money – now tell me what man doesn’t appreciate that?

The best part is we work to every budget, whether his suit is by Tom Ford, Reiss or Zara doesn’t change our process. By doing his colours we show him exactly how to colour block creating him a current sophisticated look and by understanding his body shape we show him exactly how to create a slimmer balanced frame. A well styled man shouldn’t in my mind look like he’s had to go to a Personal stylist or that he’s trying too hard, his clothes should be a natural extension of him and by understanding his current lifestyle and potential goals we can create him a wardrobe that does just that!