When I do a wardrobe edit, I generally have a one-year rule; if I or one of my clients haven’t worn an item in the past year it most probably means it’s passed it has wardrobe shelf date. This item will lose its privileges to space in the wardrobe and will either be packed away in the loft or taken to a charity shop.

If I was to follow that rule today and look at the items in my wardrobe with the same scrutiny, I’d be left with nothing but leggings and my so-called lounge wear! 2020 was a depressing year for dressing up. As I’m looking at my wardrobe now, I can almost feel how abandoned my lovely dresses, silk blouses and all my high heels are feeling!

Not for too much longer I hope, I personally can’t wait to get into my heels again… once we’re all let out again, my trainers can take a long holiday because I’ll be wearing my high heels! All joking aside, one thing that really has become apparent in this pandemic is just how much stuff we don’t actually need.

We personal stylist are in the habit of creating Capsule Wardrobes, we only keep clothes that suit and flatter our current body shapes, colouring and lifestyles. Our wardrobes are mostly always decluttered and organised so we can firstly see what we have and secondly fill the space with new items that will complement our existing items.

From Spring/Summer 2021 if all goes to plan, we will hopefully be going out again and will want to make up for lost time, and by that I mean shopping time. I urge everyone to use these next few weeks at home to really reflect on what they want to let go off in their existing wardrobes. Declutter and cleanse out what’s no longer serving you so you can bring in new things that deserve to be in your wardrobe, items you’ll actually look forward to wearing.

3 rules to Declutter your Wardrobe:

1) Ask yourself – Does this actually fit me now?
Try it on to be sure. If it doesn’t don’t torture yourself by staring at it everyday, pack it away or give it away.

2) Ask yourself – How many of these do I actually need?
Most of us are in the habit of buying the same items over and over again and don’t even realise we do it! Be honest with yourself do you really need 10 pairs of black skinny jeans in your wardrobe? Give away your older pairs even if there’s nothing wrong with them. Someone else will really appreciate them.

3)Ask yourself – Will this item actually ever suit my lifestyle?
So many of us hold on to items in the hope of a miraculous new lifestyle… this is just a waste of space for your existing lifestyle! If you no longer have a corporate career there’s no need to stare at your power dresses every day. No one is saying throw things away, just pack things into a suitcase and bring them out again if and when you need to.

These 3 rules will definitely get you clearer but if you still need help and want real clarity on whether something suits you or not book in a Virtual wardrobe edit where we can go through your items together on zoom or Skpe and really get you clear for 2021!