It’s that time of year again, wedding season! Let’s face it attending a wedding is a costly business. With many of them requiring an overnight stay, flights, trains and not to mention the all-important wedding gift, it’s not surprising that by the time we think of our outfit we’re already way out of pocket. We don’t mind of course especially if we’re close to the couple but what about those situations when we just look at invitation with more dread than excitement with the frustrating thought of “what am I going to wear? ” It’s the same group of friends you’re thinking so you can’t possibly wear the same dress that you wore to the wedding last year? Or can you?  


When I’m doing a wardrobe styling session I always ask my client if there any events coming up in her diary; weddings, christenings, parties etc. and together we work through potential outfits she can wear from her existing wardrobe without having to go shopping and breaking the bank. We Personal Stylists are trained to look at your wardrobe with a fresh pair of eyes. We can see that simple navy dress sitting in the back of your wardrobe that’s perfect for you shape; that highlights your assets and hides your flaws and we know exactly how to dress it up; transforming it with a statement shoe, statement piece of jewellery or even a statement jacket.  


We want your wardrobe to work for you, this is why it’s so important to own a capsule wardrobe, you’ll need fewer clothes but will find more ways to wear them. This is where shoes and accessories play such an important part. The same navy dress should be able to be worn to work with a pair of nude heels, on a night out with a strappy pair of heels, to a wedding with those statement shoes and jewellery all the way to a summer barbeque with a pair of sandals and a denim jacket. If we are ever go shopping with you before you go and splurge on a dress we’ll always ask you the same question, “how else or rather where else will you be able to wear it?” Only then is it worth buying. 


As a personal stylist who also runs a personal styling training academy and has a very active and varied social life people generally think I must own so many clothes, cupboards full of them, but contrary to belief I don’t, instead I have some very well thought out key pieces that can take me from day to night, season to season. What I do own though is lots and lots of shoes and accessories. Shoes in all my colours: flat’s, high heels, stilettos, sandals, block heels you name them I have them and the best part is I have no guilt whatsoever when I buy them, these are items I hunt out and buy in the sales, I know what colours suit me and I know how to colour block and know exactly how to transform every item into so many different looks, it’s genius! These items will always be in my wardrobe even when trends change as they will always be perfect for my colouring and will compliment my body shape. 


So how do you know what your statement pieces are? You get your colours done! Your colour analyst will show you your range of your most flattering colours so before you go and splurge on those Jimmy Choo stilettos you’ll exactly which colour is going to compliment you most. Is it fuchsia, cobalt blue, purple or even orange? It doesn’t stop at the right coloured shoes and accessories you also need to know which style of accessory suits you. So many women with large breast will own so many statement necklaces but a woman with a larger bust needs to show as much neck as possible to create a leaner frame so I’d be advising her to buy some larger earrings instead, the heavy statement necklaces are reserved for my smaller busted ladies that need to create the illusion of a bigger bust! The key, as always is to create a balanced frame and accessories are the tools to do just that, as they draw the eyes to your assets and are a perfect distraction from your flaws…. 


So if you’re nervous about booking a wardrobe styling session thinking the stylist will just make you throw all your items away, think again, she will instead show you ways to reinvent your look with your existing clothes, helping you get out of your comfort zone, giving everyone at that next event an excuse to do a double take.. 



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