In my opinion it’s a Personal Stylist’s responsibility to do 3 things:

  1. Find you clothes that fit and flatter you.
  2. Find you clothes that suit your lifestyle and budget.
  3. Take you out of your comfort zone!

Taking you out of your comfort zone means challenging you to be your best self. At Style ME that starts by looking at our clients and their existing look with a fresh perspective. Seeing what you currently have in your wardrobe; what’s working and what’s passed its wearing date! Once we’ve gotten rid of the old, there’s space for the new to come in.

When we shop for ourselves, we usually end up buying more of what we already own, just look at your wardrobes now and you’ll see a theme… maybe it’s a certain colour you gravitate to, or a particular print or style and though there’s nothing wrong with that after a while being comfortable can become boring and frustrating.

During lockdown we all became too comfortable and now 18 months later I think most of us are itching for some form of reinvention but so many of us don’t know where to start, so it’s no wonder all of us Personal Stylists have been busy this Summer.

We have the knowledge on how to bring out your best features and assets on your body, we know what trends will suit you and we know exactly how to create an inspirational look that’s perfect for you and more importantly we can create it in one afternoon instead of several wasted shopping trips.

We eliminate that disappointed feeling for you that comes after queuing up forever only to realise nothing you’ve bought into the fitting room even fits or works. That’s the main reason why you keep buying more of what you’ve already got, it’s simply because it’s comfortable… it worked in the past so it will work again right?

Yes, it will work again but life’s too short to choose vanilla! There’s a whole range of colours and styles out there that are a great or even better choice for you and us stylists have that amazing knowhow on exactly what that is and exactly where to find it.