Yes the time has arrived to bring out your trusted jeans from the back of the wardrobe. No doubt they’ve been feeling pretty neglected this past year as we abandoned them and fell into the trap of comfy black leggings and slippers. Now we’re allowed out, our jeans are back!

I have to admit, it felt strange putting on my classic skinny jeans last week. Firstly, I definitely have put on a few pounds (I’m sure I’m not alone) and secondly the skinny jeans look just seemed so stiff, I’ve become so used to lounging around in soft jersey aka (pyjamas) that denim was feeling so constrictive!

I decided maybe now’s the time to ditch the skinny’s and venture out and try some new softer looser styles for myself. There’s so much to choose from that it’s no wonder my clients tell me buying jeans is so stressful and overwhelming for them..

I excited waited for my online order of Mom’s jeans, straight jeans and boyfriend jeans but when I tried them on, I couldn’t have been more disappointed! These jeans on a petite hourglass like me, who has a curvy bottom and hips couldn’t have been more unflattering. The strange thing is, I know exactly how to dress my shape, and I knew they wouldn’t suit me and that they’d make me look heavier and shorter but I got sucked in to how great all the models online looked, I fell into the trap of advertising and if anyone should have known better it was me!

Don’t get me wrong, there are other shapes like the Inverted Triangle, Circle and Rectangles who do look amazing in these styles but for anyone with a curvier leg they come with a warning! I’m now proudly sticking to my skinny jeans and celebrating their release from the back of the cupboard.

There’s a reason why skinny jeans have been in fashion for so long and why every brand stocks them. It’s simply because they are flattering on every shape and that’s why they sell!

Just remember to follow these 5 key rules:

  1. If you have a waist, wear high waisted skinny’s and tuck in your top.
  2. If you have a heavier leg go for a darker, stretchy denim.
  3. If you’ve got a heavier bottom half than top skim over your hips with a longer top.
  4. If you’re a plus size, wear jeggings with a longer tunic style top and wear some heels.
  5. If you’ve got slim legs, have fun with lighter colours, prints and rips.