Every body shape is different. Every body shape has its own flaws and assets. Every body shape has different needs of underwear, from different bras to different knickers. At Style ME we never focus on the size of our clients, instead we focus on the shape of our clients and the styles that suit them, and that goes right down to the underwear we suggest for them.

So many women let themselves or rather their figures down by forgetting about their underwear. A new dress can look great, but with an old bra that gives you no support you will not do the dress or your figure any justice. I’m not only talking to my busty women, but I’m also talking to my smaller chested women too. There’s nothing flattering about wearing a sports bra under a pretty blouse.

As part of your Personal Shopping experience with Style ME, your stylist will advise on the exact bra that will flatter you; from underwired, to push up, to padded, to a balconette to a lace bra and will advise on what brand will suit your budget too.

If you decide to get your colours done, your stylist will advise on the exact colour to buy too. Don’t forget your underwear is the closest thing to your skin so the colour choice of your underwear really matters. You want your underwear to be an extension of your skin, not something that makes your skin look pale, dull or even yellow.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, maybe you want to buy some new lingerie, your stylist will advise you whether to go black and sexy, or to wear a bold bright colour or to perhaps wear the softer pastel shades. Maybe you’ll be wanting to show off your figure in a sexy dress, my advice, no matter how slim you are, would be to invest in some good support knickers, especially if you’re going out for dinner. You want to show a smooth contour line of your body, not love handles after dessert!

Good support underwear gives you confidence, so don’t underestimate its power. Your underwear drawer should be well thought about, don’t be rushing last minute looking for the right bra. Your underwear choice is as important as what shoes you’ll wear with the outfit. Give it some attention, and it will always lift you up 

Nisha x