Are you looking to build a Capsule Wardrobe? Do you even know what a Capsule Wardrobe is? The simplest way to put it is: ‘A Capsule wardrobe is a range of key pieces that create multiple looks; for work, weekend, and evening wear. Items that can be dressed up and dressed down, from season to season’.

It sounds so simple, but it is the most popular request I get from my clients, which is a good indication that most women don’t own one. Clients that have too many clothes but still have nothing to wear! Sound familiar? Most likely because they don’t quite know how to mix and match.

Think of it as hypothetically packing a suitcase with one pair of jeans, one blazer, one piece of knitwear, one blouse, one dress, one skirt, and one pair of trousers, now you have to mix and match these items to create different looks and add different accessories, such as jewellery, shoes, hosiery even make up to make the looks go from day to night, season to season. This should be the base of every client’s wardrobe, and this is how my Style ME Personal Stylists are trained to think; less is more!

Items can only be mixed and matched if they all complement each other, which is why Colour Analysis is the essential first step to building a Capsule Wardrobe. Spring is getting closer and with the end of Covid, so it’s not surprising are all looking at our wardrobes, many of us in despair wishing for a style or wardrobe makeover. I’ve had clients of all ages from my millennials to my more mature clients all asking for help on building a Capsule Wardrobe.

When I advise I must do their ‘colours’ first, I can sense them thinking, is colour analysis really necessary? That is of course until they get their colours done and I build them their capsule wardrobe, then they are in awe of what we’ve created, how effortlessly they can mix and match, how stylish they can look whatever the occasion and how they can actually create more looks with less clothes.

By getting your colours done, you will find out what are your most flattering:

  • Investment colours
  • Accessory colours
  • Evening colours
  • Make up colours

How priceless is this piece of knowledge? Book a Colour Analysis session with Style ME now.

Nisha x