A Wardrobe Stylist’s job is to look at what you own in your wardrobe and then with an unbiased eye explain to you what’s working, what’s no longer working and most importantly explaining why. The why can be because the item doesn’t suit your body shape or flatter your colouring or simply because it doesn’t suit your current lifestyle.

It’s the why that will give you the much-needed push to recycle clothes that no longer serve you by either passing on items to friends or family or donating to a local charity shop. In return you’ll feel great as you’ll be giving those items a longer shelf life and doing your bit to help the environment.

That clear out will give you clarity because you’ll now be able to clearly see what you own, preventing you from saying: “I’ve got nothing to wear!” (You can’t wear what you can’t see right?) Your Stylist will have a fresh pair of eyes on your look and will suggest different ways to coordinate your items and suggest what items can be altered or revamped. In return you’ll be making your wardrobe work harder and longer for you and be more sustainable.

A Wardrobe Stylist will also help take the guilt out of past and future purchases. Many clients don’t want to get rid of items because there’s nothing wrong them but what’s the point in keeping them if you’re never going to wear them? Surely there’s more guilt in holding on to them! A Style ME Personal Stylist will properly advise on which items can be sold on sites such as Vestiare, Ebay or even Vinted. In return you’ll make some money to buy new loved items completely guilt free!

Book a Wardrobe Analysis session now to feel lighter and clearer and set a good example for others to follow.