I think we should probably start this blog by going back to basics just in case you don’t know the importance of ‘Getting your colours done’.

Colour Analysis has been around for years with brands such as ‘House of Colour’ and ‘Colour me beautiful’ teaching our mums (and nans) back in the day the importance of wearing your ‘right’ colours.

We are so thankful to these brands for bringing this additional styling skill into the forefront as we believe it is our secret weapon when we style a new client…our only job is to make it far more modern by adding in skills like colour blocking and advising not only on fashion but the importance of hair colour and makeup.

The great thing is we don’t really have to sell the importance of Colour Analysis to our clients as they have normally done their own research on how wearing your right colours can not only make you look more youthful and enhance your best features, but it makes shopping so much easier as you know what colours to avoid.

One thing many of our clients have normally explored is trying to work out which season they fall into by researching various home methods online. There is the vein test which you can apparently use to work out if you are trying to see what your undertone is, if it’s green you are warm and if it’s blue you are cool…this is hopeless as we are a mixture of both!

Then there are online quiz’s asking you loads of questions based on your natural skin tone and hair colour which we all know but doesn’t answer the key question…what is your skin undertone?

When you pay for a professional colour analysis session you are paying for the time it takes to see what happens when different drapes are held against your face…does it lift or detract from your features? The session must take place in daylight and with the client wearing no make-up and within the first 10/15 minutes by working through the defining colours we can establish what season you fall into. The rest of the session is spent looking through all the gorgeous colours that are in your palette and show you how contemporary it is to use colour blocking. Then we discuss the most flattering hair colours and make up and by the end of the session we ask you to try on your perfect shade of red lipstick and it all comes together.

We make it so simple at Style ME as we show one of only 4 seasons that you will fall into…you will either be a spring, summer, autumn or winter and that stays true even as you age, go grey or get a tan. So many clients have come to us and have struggled and not only because they have tried to work out their colours by themselves, but because they have been told they are one of 12 seasons…yes 12! Apparently, you can be a ‘deep’ winter and a ‘light’ winter and even we are confused…it really does not need to be that difficult. Your palette has such a wide range of colours and you will naturally be drawn to the ones that really make your features ‘pop’ and once you are armed with a swatch book you will never make a colour mistake again.

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