Do you remember the good old days when ‘putting on a face mask’ was something you did as part of your beauty pampering session? How life has changed; now you can’t leave the house without checking your pockets for your face mask!

How has wearing a face mask effected your make-up routine? I’ve always been a massive lipstick girl, the brighter the shade the better but I’ve noticed I hardly ever wear it now… I’m not sure if it’s because I can’t be bothered or if it’s to save me the embarrassment of looking ridiculous: Taking off your face mask only to find your bright lipstick smudged terribly all over my mouth and face, trust me is not a good look! I’m certain I’m not the only one who’s stopped wearing her bright red lipstick and I’m sure lipstick sales across the world must be in decline!

But lipstick (especially bright ones) do wonders for you. They not only brighten up your face but somehow manage to put a spring in your step too. So, if you’re no longer relying on lipstick to do that, the rest of your features and make up will definitely need to work harder for you. Without lipstick to distract from a bad hair day, or skin embellishments or dark circles you need to make sure you’re wearing the right shades of eye make-up, foundation and blusher to compensate for the lack of lipstick.

Wearing make up in your RIGHT colours, will even out your skin tone, diminish dark circles and define your bone structure. I’m highlighting ‘right’ colours because the wrong coloured make up will have the total opposite effect and will actually age you more than wearing no make-up!

The ONLY way to work out what your right make up colours are, is to get your colours done. Then you will find out for sure whether you should be wearing black or brown eye make-up, whether you should have a blue or yellow based foundation or even whether you should wear a pink or a peach blusher. Once you know this, you’ll never buy the wrong unflattering make up again and you’ll always look fresh and radiant.

Even when lockdown is over and Covid 19 is coming to an end, something tells me, wearing a mask is going to be something we’ll all still be doing long into the future. So, when lockdown is over, book yourself to get your colours done so that you can then always rely on your make-up to freshen up your day.