From my experience the number 1 reason why people don’t book a session with a personal stylist is because they are scared to and contrary to belief not because they can’t afford it. Women are scared a personal stylist will make them look overly glamorous and unrecognizable and men are scared a stylist will make them look overly ‘trendy’ and as a result they’ll end up getting laughed at by their mates!

I’m not sure how other agencies are run but here at Style ME you have nothing to be afraid of. Our personal stylists have all been trained to bring out the best version of you and that is not the same as changing you. Through our services we work out your most flattering colours, the colours that will reveal your natural radiance and help choose you clothes and styles that flatter your unique body shape helping you to reveal a slimmer more balanced frame.

The reason why they can all of our stylists can do it so effortlessly is because they had to apply the knowledge I teach them on themselves first; they really are their first client. Only when they are confident bringing out the best version of themselves are they confident to style anybody else.

For many people admitting they need to hire a personal stylist just seems too self indulgent or worse makes them feel like a bit of a failure; surely they should be able to style themselves is what they generally think but the truth is everyone can benefit from having a personal stylist.

Understanding what styles and colours suit you is a one time investment and makes shopping so easy as you immediately know what clothes to eliminate and avoid and as a result you spend less time obsessing about clothes because you now have the rule book on how to dress yourself to perfection saving you both time and money so what’s so self indulgent about that?

And as for feeling like a failure for not knowing this knowledge for yourself, just trust that most people even our delegates that come to our training to become stylists are in shock when most of them realize they have been choosing unflattering colours and styles for themselves and these are the women who actually believed they were making great choices! But instead of getting upset they’ve been getting a few things wrong they are super excited to go out and buy the right styles and colours as they simply want to create or rather reveal the best version of themselves instead of hiding their natural beauty in unflattering items.

More often than not we just make our clients go back to their most natural hair colour and choose make up that is most natural for their complexion, choosing the wrong colours that hide and change their natural beauty is what they’ve actually been doing themselves up until now!

I always say to our Stylists the key is to make your client look so amazing in such a way that people don’t realize she’s been to a personal stylist. Instead her friends will look at her up and down and curiously ask: “What have you done? You look great, so radiant, you look so well…have you lost weight?” to which she will just smile, her Personal Stylist has just become her new best friend and her new best kept secret 🙂