Do you remember the TV makeover show ‘What not to Wear’ by Trinny and Susannah? I certainly do, as it’s the reason why I decided to become a Personal Stylist. I simply loved the style transformations and would often well-up when the woman being styled would reveal her ‘new look/transformation/re-invention’ to her friends and family.

As a stylist, I love the moment when my clients look at themselves in the mirror, dressed in clothes that flatter them perfectly, usually in disbelief that they could look this good! They don’t realise all I did was cleverly reveal what they were hiding beneath ill fitted clothes and unflattering colours.

This is not the same as TV make-over show, you see there’s a fine line between bringing out the best version of people and re-inventing them. This was made very clear when Trinny and Susannah would uninvitedly revisit the women who’s style they had re-invented only to discover to their shock horror they were back to wearing their Uggs, smock tops and leggings!

The problem wasn’t that the woman didn’t want to wear her new bodycon dress and killer heels, it was simply because her lifestyle didn’t require those glamourous styles; the looks were unrealistic to maintain. Her reinvented glamourous look didn’t ‘feel’ like her so she went back to what she was familiar with.

That’s why at Style ME we are all about choosing clothes that fit and flatter not only your body shape and colouring but lifestyle too. By lifestyle I mean choosing brands that suit your budget, that are aspirational but realistic amongst your social group.

You never want to look like you’ve tried too hard, it will feel uncomfortable and will take you right back to dressing in your comfort zone and all you will feel is deflated because you’ve wasted money on clothes that you’ll never wear, so please don’t fall into that trap!

When choosing a Personal Stylist make sure she/he understands you and your lifestyle. Remember just because they have an amazing Instagram page and look great in their clothes doesn’t mean she/he will know what’s right for you!

My team of Personal Stylists have been cleverly trained to reveal the best version of you,
so when you walk into a room the compliments you’ll receive are:

“Wow you look great, You look so well, Have you lost weight, Have you been on holiday?” vs “I like your dress, is it new?”

If you want to receive the right kind of compliments, book a session with one of our personal stylists now.

Nisha x