Actually, do you know what colour blocking is? Colour blocking is the secret that all good Personal Stylists own, and that is how to correctly mix and match colours together. Colours that complement each other and harmonise with one another. By mixing colours I don’t mean wearing a pair of black jeans with a different coloured top, no that’s not colour blocking, that’s simply wearing a different coloured top!

Perhaps you’ve got a friend or colleague who always looks effortlessly stylish, you can’t quite pinpoint what she’s doing but somehow, wherever she’s going she looks fab. Chances are she’s had her ‘colours’ done and has been taught how to combine her colours correctly.
So often when I ask clients why have they booked a colour analysis session with me, they refer to that ‘stylish’ friend who has had her colours done and they want to learn how she does it.

The truth there is no magical formula on combining colours, but what is essential, is knowing your colour palette, are you a Winter, Autumn, Summer, or Spring? Each palette has around 30 colours that all combine and look amazing together. Using specially selected drapes your colour analyst will work out what your most flattering palette is.

From here, the golden rule is to only combine colours that are in your palette together, be it a head to toe look in one colour or being more adventurous and colour blocking with three or more of your colours, including your make up colours and accessories.

It’s when you master colour blocking that your look evolves, the complements keep coming and your confidence grows. Of course, you can shop with your mini colour swatch alone but by experience it’s booking a Personal Shopping trip after your colour analysis session that makes the world of difference. Your personal stylist knows your colour palette like the back of her hand and will guide you on exactly what goes with what; from your makeup to your outfit to your accessories, this is what she’s been trained to do, so let her take the lead.

The items she chooses will be the base of your capsule wardrobe and then going forward you can confidently add items as you go along. Trust me it won’t be long before people will be asking you what’s your secret to looking so good – it happens every time!

Nisha x