Anyone who knows me knows I love to wear jumpsuits. To me the jumpsuit is one the most versatile items any woman of any age can own. They are glamorous enough to wear on an evening out with a pair of heels, stylish enough to wear to a wedding, great with a blazer for a business meeting and perfect with a pair of flats sandals or plimsols on a Sunday afternoon. They’re a perfect mix of boyish and feminine and can be both contemporary and retro. Why then do so many of my clients feel intimidated by them? When I suggest we try on a jumpsuit during a personal shopping trip, I can totally sense their uneasiness, as if I’m really taking them out of their comfort zone, which is of course why I insist we buy one!

The main reason I find is because they’ve previously tried one on, it looked terrible on them and it put them off wearing one altogether; it’s a little like trying on the wrong red lipstick for your undertone, desperately trying to take it off and wowing to never wear red lipstick again. So the biggest rule when buying a jumpsuit is: GET THE RIGHT FIT for you! Buying a jumpsuit is the one thing you probably won’t be that successful buying online, as we all have different body lengths to the model that’s wearing it. Having said that though there are some key rules you must follow when choosing one:

  1. If you don’t have a well defined waist do not try and create one with a jumpsuit that has a cinched in waist detail, this will not only draw attention to your lack of waist or love handles but will feel terribly uncomfortable LInstead try one with an empire line cut with a band that falls underneath the bust line.
  2. If you’ve got a larger bust don’t buy a strapless one, in most cases even a good supportive strapless bra wont work and there’s nothing worse than seeing boobs spilling out of one. Likewise if you don’t have a bust a strapless one will just look like it’s falling down so don’t risk it! Always choose a jumpsuit that supports your bust.
  3. Draw attention to your Assets and cover your Flaws, yes we ALL have both. For example if you’re a Triangle, elongate your legs with a jumpsuit that has a wide legged trouser and draw the attention to your slender arms and shoulders with a halter neck, backless or off the shoulder style
  4. Choose the right colour for your skin tone. There’s a lot of colour on you from head to toe so make sure it’s one of your flattering colours! This will make your entrance into a show stopping moment.\
  5. Choose the right fabric! Jumpsuits unfortunately don’t go well with spanx so the fabric has to be right. Unless you’ve got zero fat on you then leave the skin tight lycra ones for all the Rectangles out there and instead buy one in a softer draping jersey fabric or if it’s for the evening a silkier option will be a winner.

Book a session with one of our Style ME Stylists who will find you one in your most flattering style and colour, perfect for any occasion and your budget.