Colour Analysis is trending! Maybe you’ve got a friend who’s been gushing about it, or you’ve seen it on TV or TikTok or even heard me talking about it on Radio and you want to know what all the hype is about? We’ll let me give you a brief introduction to it….

Colour Analysis is a key personal styling service that was big in the 80’s that is now getting a revival. The whole purpose of it, is to find you, the client your most flattering colours, not just for your clothes but your hair, make up and accessories too.

There are 3 main benefits: Youth, Confidence and Convenience. Yes, if you want a youthful radiant complexion get your Colours done! Using specially selected drapes your Colour Analyst almost like magic will show you how certain colours (within a colour a seasonal colour palette) will even out your skin tone, define your bone structure, bring definition to your features, diminish lines, blemishes and dark circles whilst showing you how other colours will simply drain you, make you look dull and tired and most importantly age you! It really is like magic, no Botox or fillers needed!

Once you’re hooked (which you will be) you’ll be put into one of the 4 colour seasons and Winter, Autumn, Spring or Summer and that palette will have around 30 colours that are your most flattering colours. You are then advised to buy clothes, makeup, accessories and even dye your hair with colours from this palettes range. So, you want to buy a new dress for that special date, or interview or party, select a colour from this palette and you’ll not only look amazing but feel amazing too, which of course will do wonders for your confidence. Or if you’re feeling overwhelmed when you go into a store where there’s so much choice, by knowing your colour palette you can bi-pass 75% of the store and just go to the sections that have your colour; it’s simple and convenient!

You don’t have to prepare or do anything, your colour analyst who has a trained eye and the right drapes will show you what’s right for you and the best bit you only need to get your colours done once in your lifetime because your palette never changes, even if you’ve got a tan, even if you dye your hair, even if you’re sick. Your colour analyst will work out if you’re light or dark, bright or muted or if you have a cool or warm undertone which will determine what season you are, leave the hard work to her, and leave her feeling amazed wishing you had discovered this years ago!

Love Nisha x