Last week was a great week! After 5 months of going nail polish free and plucking my own eyebrows (badly) I ventured into a salon to get some grooming! It felt great to see my nails all pretty again and my eyebrows reshaped. I clearly am not a beautician and shouldn’t give up my day job. It did feel a little strange of course being shielded by perspex screens but like anything you soon get used to it!

It was no surprise then that last week people started phoning again to redeem their colour analysis gift vouchers. “Are you open?” We’re in such strange times now, no one can presume anything anymore can they? The message is very clear from me now, Yes, we’re open! The best thing about getting your colours done is that there is no face to face contact. Yes, I am draping the drapes around you but were both facing the mirror (not each other) the whole time. I feel safe doing it and hopefully my clients do too.

Summer is the best time of the year to get your colours done, we need daylight and the brighter the light the better. If people are working from home there’s still plenty of light until 8pm to book in a session.

For the month of August and September I’m discounting colour analysis from the usual £150 to £49. It won’t be long before the days get shorter again so I encourage anyone to take advantage of the offer. All vouchers are valid for a year so if you do get cold feet we can always reschedule to safer times.