Look at the photo on the left and now look at the photo on the right, if I tell you this is the same lady you’d probably agree with me but if I told you this photo was taken 1 day apart you would probably be pretty shocked! Yes this is my lovely Jency who was amazed at what the power of wearing the right clothes could do for her body shape.

Amazed because firstly she couldn’t believe how slim and sexy she could look without having to exercise and diet and secondly just how wrong she had been getting it! Jency like so many girls in their 20’s loves fashion and until recently was of the mind set that if she liked it she could, or rather would wear it! She loves to shop and had a wardrobe packed with clothes (many with the clothes tag still on) but when her husband would tell her they were going out that night she would panic because she felt she never knew what to wear!

Determined to understand personal styling better she booked herself on to our Intensive Training course where she learnt very quickly how to dress her body shape and the results speak for themselves. Jency is actually a Triangle, meaning she’s heavier on her bottom half (photo on the left). On the photo on the middle she’s wearing her ripped lighter blue jeans and a mustard boxy jumper, both items that although are on trend do nothing to show of her assets and instead highlight her heavier thighs and wider hips which as a result make her look like a bigger Oval not even her actual body shape that is a Triangle.

Our aim with every client is to create the illusion of an Hourglass frame as it’s the most balanced and feminine frame and it’s so easy to do when you know how! On the photo on the right by pairing a darker skinny jean with a komono style top that covers her heavier thighs with a red pair of high heels not only have we transformed her shape into an Hourglass but with the floral print Jency is still bang on trend! She looks so much slimmer and as a result feels so confident… her flaws are covered, her assets are on show and she’s looking hot and ready for a night out with her husband.

So if you are thinking you’d love to book a personal stylist but are thinking you’ll book one once you’ve lost some weight I would give you my honest advice and that is book in a session now, you’ll be surprised just how much slimmer you can look just by having a Style ME stylist explaining your body shape to you and most importantly how to transform yourself (mostly with your existing clothes) in to a slimmer more balanced and confident you!