We’ve all been there, we run around in the morning sorting ourselves out by jumping in the shower, getting breakfast and doing our hair and make-up…but add in doing that for little ones as well and there is just NO TIME!

For many mums the most stressful part of the morning routine for mums with a young family is getting themselves dressed. Whether you’ve got to get to work and look professional or simply look half decent for the school run, so many mums struggle to be able to have those looks ready to hand.

We all wish we could just open our wardrobe and have different co-ordinated looks that look great for any occasion but the reality for many is to just pull on the first thing we see that makes us look ‘ok’ or worse ‘makes us invisible’.

A busy mum will normally turn to us when she feels like her wardrobe is bursting with clothes but she’s got nothing to wear as they don’t get the chance to wear half of it!

Once we get that call the first thing we like to do is book them in for a Wardrobe styling session. This involves a Style ME stylist coming to your house and after working out your body shape, get to understand what pieces are working for and against you in your current wardrobe.

To perform a really good wardrobe edit, we advise our client to also get their colours done so we recommend you can add Colour Analysis to your styling session which means we’ll 100% be able to advise not only on the missing items, but also the perfect colours that should be in your wardrobe forever. That’s right, once you’ve had your colours done no matter if you change your hair colour or get a tan, you will only fall into one season. There is nothing more satisfying for us a stylists than show you how to get confident wearing ‘your’ colours and there is no coincidence that it’s our number one requested styling service for men and women.

The ultimate goal for our busy mum is helping them understand what should be in their ‘Capsule Wardrobe’ and that is the expertise you are paying a stylist for….you should be able to go to your wardrobe and with just a few key pieces be able to create different looks that take you from day to night with the use of accessories and footwear.

Once you know what’s missing, you can hit the shops with confidence and start building your new wardrobe or you could simply book in for a Personal Shopping session with your stylist and together find your wardrobe essentials that work within your budget.

We seriously cannot stress how much we love taking our client from “help me” to ‘Thank you” in just a few simple steps.

Trust us, if you have better things to be doing with you time then opening the wardrobe every day expecting it to magically create your outfit then give us a call. We are the experts and we really can give you back your confidence, style …and precious time!

If you’d like to hear more about Wardrobe Styling, Colour Analysis or Personal Shopping with a Style ME stylist then get in touch.

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