This Summer alone I’ve had 5 clients booking my services to help them build a Holiday Capsule Wardrobe. Everyone of their trips was different of course but the brief was always the same: “help me pack into my 20 kg allowanced suitcase, clothes that I can effortlessly dress up or down, day to night”. You might be thinking booking a personal stylist to pack your bags sounds a little excessive but to these wonderful clients of mine booking my services was almost an essential part of the trip. You see these trips were of significance to them: a safari family holiday, a recently single girls holiday to Ibiza, a honeymoon in Thailand, a weekend away with a new boyfriend to NY and a post cancer luxury cruise celebration. Because theses trip were really important to them they didn’t want their choice of clothes to let them down or stress them out in anyway during their well-deserved break!

We’ve all experienced trying to cram in our whole Summer wardrobe into our 1 suitcase with the mindset of: ‘just in case’ only to come home and unpack realising we didn’t even wear half of what we had pack, yes unfortunately the 80/20 rule applies even on holiday; you wear 20% of what’s in your suitcase 80% of the time!

This is what our Style ME Personal Stylists are trained to do, firstly we do the research on where you’re going; what’s the weather going to be like? Are you likely to be going clubbing or will it just be dinners? Will you be sightseeing or just lying by the pool? We then get to know the dress code for each country or city, for example Ibiza vs. St Tropez vs. Goa. Then we get into character almost as if we’re coming with you! We imagine the kind of looks you should be wearing for each scenario. Where we differ from our clients though, is instead of picking outfits for each event we think about the kind of items you should be packing that can be dressed up or down with a change of accessories and shoes; showing you how to pack less but wisely. Choosing you clothes that are easy to care for with minimum or no ironing required so you can spend less time getting ready and more time enjoying yourselves…

If you already own these clothes we’ll sort through your existing wardrobe and select from there but if not we can go on a quick shopping trip with you to buy you these key pieces. The same rules apply even with your holiday wardrobe; once we know your colours and body shape we’ll be buying you items that will always be flattering for you, so much so that when you return from your trip you’ll just need to wash the items and pack them back into your suitcase, ready for your next trip…that’s what I personally do and it works every time! So say goodbye to impulse, last minute holiday shopping and save your money for the good times you’ll be having whilst you’re away!