To all those brides out there, you have so much to plan: the venue, the food, the guestlist and of course the dress! What style are you wanting to go for, and more importantly what colour is your dress going to be?

No this isn’t a trick question, I know it probably won’t be pink or blue, but what I mean is, what shade of white will you be going for? Have I confused you? Well, if you didn’t already know there are 4 different whites in the colour palette: Winters should wear bright white (like snow). Summers a soft/off white (like wispy clouds), Autumns a creamy white and Springs should wear ivory.

I had a lovely client this week, Victoria, who’s getting married and is now looking for her perfect dress. During her Colour Analysis session, we worked out that she’s a Winter with dark hair, big eyes and milky white skin so will look sensational in bright white. I suggested she channels her inner Snow White, and wear a bright red lipstick, something nobody would expect from her. As a Winter she can take the contrast. I also showed her, her perfect nude colour, if she did decide to go with softer make up (yes there’s also a right nude for everybody) and confirmed, silver is indeed her accessory colour and that of course diamonds are made for Winters 

She was amazed that in such a short time, we worked out exactly what would flatter her most, she was so grateful and could see that every bride should get colours done before shopping for that all important, show stopping dress!

“I wasn’t sure what to expect but I really wanted to gain confidence in my appearance post lockdowns and seek some advice before my wedding next year. My colour analysis experience with Nisha was literally life changing; by the end of the session, I had learnt so much and it’s so liberating to know exactly what colours suit me rather than following the trends. I can’t wait to go shopping now! Thanks so much Nisha, I’m sending all my friends your way!” Victoria