So, I’ve had 3 calls in the past week from clients who work in the corporate world, who are now officially going back to working in the office (for at least part of the week) but are struggling with the new smart casual office vibes dress code.

You see these women know how to dress formally, in fact they love it; putting on a pencil dress and some killer heels is what they do best. The look the part and their peers and colleagues know they mean business but now what? Pair their pencil dress with a pair of trainers? I don’t think so!

The brief is simple, “how can I look relaxed and still look ‘professional’ and more senior than the junior members of the team.” Listen, I’m all about comfort and as much as I love wearing my trainers, I too love dressing up for client meetings, so I feel their plight. Luckily, we’re heading into Autumn now and a boot will instantly make any outfit look smarter (no Uggs of course) and more importantly a heeled boot will give you that much needed lift without looking like you’re trying too hard.

But of course, it’s not just the boots you need, what you’re looking to build is your own personalised capsule wardrobe, perfect for your shape and colouring, where your work clothes and weekend cleverly and fluidly can be mixed and matched.

All of our Style ME Personal Stylists have been trained to put this chic ensemble together for any client, no matter what the budget, so let us step in and create you a new wardrobe that you’ll be proud to step into the office in. After nearly a year and half of working from home, going back is stressful enough don’t let your wardrobe add to that pressure!

Nisha x