Are you looking to make a statement? Do you want to walk into a room and make an entrance? Are you wanting to be a head turner? That’s great, and there’s no better time to express your self than party season and I’m all for it. However, my advice is always the same: make sure you’re turning heads with admiration not aghast.

I have this hot pink shorts and blazer duo, that I love to wear during the day (when I’m feeling extra confident). One day, on one of my training courses a very classic conservative delegate, who wouldn’t be seen dead in hot pink, made a comment which always stuck with me, she said “I can’t bear this colour you’re wearing but I can’t help looking at you, you look amazing.”

That’s what statements do, they cause a reaction in others, people have to look up and notice and not everyone will like or resonate with it, but good personal styling is that the statement suits you, flattering your shape and colouring. People will obviously admire your confidence and will be drawn to you…

Everything you wear should in my opinion be an extension of you, whether its head to toe in a colour or a bold print, if those colours are in your colour palette you will look fabulous. Statements of course don’t have to be head to toe, they could be in the accessories you choose to wear, even your glasses. Dan from @youreyewearstylist is one of our Style ME Styllsts and he specialises in finding his clients statement eyewear and insists before they choose an ‘out there’ pair, they get their colours done first, so they are making that ‘look at me’ statement effectively.

If you are looking to make a statement, but don’t how to go about it, book a session with one of our Style ME Stylists they all have the knowledge on how to effectively get you noticed!