Summer is officially here! Weddings, birthday parties, christenings and holidays are back on the agenda. After two years of Covid lockdowns, we’re “out out” again but unfortunately for many of us our summer outfits that have also been locked away have come out looking a little worn out and for many of us they no longer fit! So now really is the time for style overhaul. You’ll be seeing friends and family you haven’t seen in a long time, and you’ll want to look and feel your best!

One major thing I’ve noticed from the women I’ve styled this year so far, is how much we focus on what’s not right with us aka our flaws. From the heavy upper arms to the added weight on the tummy or hips to the knobbly knees, we really do complain a lot!

This is where you need a good personal stylist in your life. All my Style ME Stylists have been trained by me and given a unique formula that will instantly make any women or man look slimmer, and the 1st part of the formula is to acknowledge your flaws (if you feel you have them) and then to choose items of clothing that won’t draw any attention to them.

A good example would be: Say you don’t have a defined waist and you’ve now got some added weight around your tummy. You might have read in styling books or seen on tv shows that you should wear a belt to create an illusion of a waist… but this is absolute no no if you follow my styling rules. A belt will only draw attention to that problem area and more importantly it will feel uncomfortable (especially after you’ve eaten). The solution is to draw attention away from the tummy and on to your assets.

Yes, your assets, we all have them! It could be toned arms, or slim legs or a nice cleavage or if you don’t have any of that, draw attention to your lips or your eyes… We spend so much time focusing on what we haven’t got that we forget to appreciate what we’re blessed with. One thing we all have, and it’s free is a smile, so use it 

If you’re struggling to see what your assets are and you want to know our unique Style ME formula, please so get in touch, and book a personal styling session with us, we’d love to help.

Nisha x