There are a lot of first times we never forget and if you’re lucky enough owning or purchasing your first Chanel bag is one of those times you’ll never forget. I don’t mean to sound pretentious as if I have loads or anything like that (because I don’t’) but because for me being able to purchase a Chanel bag with my hard earned money was a massive achievement. It was 2012 and we had finally started to make a profit at our Style ME Training Academy. I had always said that I would only buy a Chanel bag when I could afford to buy it outright from an actual Chanel store rather than buying a secondhand one from EBay. So when the time came, my best friend and I went shopping and chose the perfect one and toasted it with a glass of Champagne (or two). It was a touching moment more so because we had worked so hard at building up our Academy and this Chanel bag was to be a symbol of that dedication.

Let’s face it, Chanel bags are not cheap and unlike my VIP and celebrity clients that don’t even think twice about the cost, for us regular girls it’s going to effect the bank balance which is why it’s even more important that you choose the one you buy wisely.  A Chanel bag is an investment piece and something you will want to carry with you all the time. Of course any Chanel bag will add instant chicness and sophistication to your look but one thing most girls overlook is the colour they choose to buy, with black being the most obvious choice.

If black is your colour then absolutely buy a black one but if for example you are an ‘autumn’ or ‘summer’ and black isn’t your colour then your shiny new black bag isn’t going to compliment the rest of your wardrobe. This past month I’ve helped two ladies buy their first Chanels, one was an ‘autumn’ and the other was a ‘summer ‘and I simply wouldn’t let them buy a black one. Trust me this didn’t go down too well initially, it’s as if I’d robbed them of their glory but once they saw it from my point of view they minds soon changed.

You see dressing effectively is all about colour blocking and building a wardrobe where all the colours effortlessly go together, from your clothes all the way to your accessories. Black against rich sophisticated autumnal colours such as browns, camels, rusts and khakis looks a little harsh, but this seasons teal Chanel on the other hand just looks incredible and such a head turner and because the colour teal will always be on trend for my autumn client, this bag will always be a winner as it will always go with the rest of her wardrobe. As for my ‘summer’ we purchased her an absolutely gorgeous burgundy Chanel that looks stunning next to all the grey, navy and dusty pinks in her wardrobe.

“Nisha I can’t believe how many people have stopped me to compliment by burgundy Chanel, I’m so proud of it and you’re right it goes so well with the rest of my wardrobe, I would never have thought to buy a burgundy one, you’re a star – thank you!”

If you’d like me to help you choose a prized possession from a Chanel bag, to a new watch or precious jewelry please don’t hesitate to get in touch, I’d love to be part of it.


Nisha x