The party season is near, invites are coming in. How does that make you feel? Excited or full of dread? Not dread because you don’t want to socialise, but dread because you don’t look your best and despite having a wardrobe full of clothes you have nothing to wear? Maybe you haven’t managed to lose that extra Covid weight or haven’t gained the muscle you intended to.

Are you tempted to cancel or make an excuse not to go? Well don’t! Life’s too short to stay at home. Think back to last year, when Christmas celebrations were abruptly cancelled, and we couldn’t see our friends and family. Please don’t let a few extra pounds or a couple of added inches on the measuring tape put you off, instead book yourself a Personal Styling session, just in time for party season.

A Colour Analysis session will do wonders for your confidence. You’ll be advised on what your statement colours are and what’s your most flattering red, so you can perhaps simply go and buy a fabulous pair of shoes or earrings that would be the exact distraction you’re looking for. Or maybe you’ll feel sassy in your new perfect red lipstick; If you can’t wear red lipstick at Christmas time, then when can you?

A Wardrobe Analysis Session will no doubt be uplifting and encouraging for you. I’m going to let you in on a secret: everybody has some part of their body that is an amazing asset, that is often the envy of others. For every woman who has a bigger bottom there’s a less curvy girl wishing she had some curves. And for every small chested girl there’s a busty woman wishing she could slip into something skimpy.

A Style ME Stylist has been trained to show you what your assets are and then teach you how to cleverly draw attention to them, with the correct selection of clothes and accessories; creating you a balanced frame that I guarantee will make you look slimmer – no crash dieting involved!

Quote: Party Season to get a 20% discount on any of our services from now until Christmas.

Nisha x